4 Reasons You Should not Get Involved With a Married Guy

4 Reasons You Should not Get Involved With a Married Guy

Love is something that happens, many a time you don’t plan on falling in love with someone, but it just happens that you start developing feelings for someone when you spend a lot of time with them or see something in them that you like a lot. There is nothing wrong in falling in love with anyone, but when it comes to falling for a married guy or getting involved with him, you should think a lot about it. The best and the only good solution to it would be to end the relationship as nothing good can ever come out of it. Having an affair and being a part of an extra-marital affair is never easy on anyone involved. There are a lot of reasons as to why you should never get involved with a married guy and here are some very important reasons.

1. You will be hurting yourself and a lot of other people

When you get involved with a married guy, it isn’t just him that you are seeing. He comes with a family. Your relationship will not only affect the two of you, but his wife, his kids, his in laws , is parents and a host of other people. The emotional trauma that you would be creating in his household should be reason enough to stay away from getting involved with a married guy. His family definitely does not deserve to be cheated on.

2. You will always have to share him

Imagine having someone with you and also having to share him with someone else. You will not have him for important holidays; you cannot meet him anytime you want to and you will always share him with another woman. This will cause a lot of jealousy as you progress into the relationship and you will always be left wanting. He will also put you behind his family and that is bound to make you feel left out and miserable.

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