8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Being a mother is tough and being a single mom is near Herculean especially when you have minor children and staying away from them, regardless of the time period, is not the best of things for a mom. Here are some ways to celebrate mother’s day as a single mom.

1. Negotiate time

If your minor children aren’t scheduled to be with you on Mother’s Day, then talk to your ex to have that included. You could trade the day off with Father’s Day, so there is an even exchange. You could also make that a part of your agreement for minimal fees.

2. Make a multi-single mom celebration

Get together with all other single moms you know of or are comfortable with. Let them all bring their children along and organize a potluck of special treats. The kids can entertain themselves with each other while you enjoy some girlfriend time.

3. Prepare your children

If your children are young and their dad is no longer available to take them out to pick up a special gift for their mother, you have to prepare yourself for it. Find new ways to get gifts from your children. You could take them out yourself or make some beautiful stuff at home with DIY kits.

4. Do it together

Doing things with children is the best way to spend Mother’s Day. Prepare lunch, bake together, make some crafty items or simply tell each other stories. Children light up lives and only a mother can really acknowledge and bask in their glory.

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