8 Best Inventions of All Time that Have Helped Women’s Lives

8 Best Inventions of All Time that Have Helped Women's Lives

Women’s lives are much easier today as compared to a century ago when many items of daily use and convenience had not been invented. The female clan all around the world has greatly benefited from these 8 inventions that have changed the way women lead their lives, for the better.

1. Epilator

With the birth of the epilator, women no longer have to worry about leaving home in a hurry without removing that excess hair on any part of their body. In fact it’s a boon for those whose skins are sensitive to hot wax and for those women who are always on the go.

2. Push-up bra

Push-up bras have given a huge boost to the self esteem of millions of women around the world. They have made ladies feel confident about their appearance. Hence, these bras definitely deserve a place on this list.

3. The Pill

The contraceptive pill has been voted as the number 1 invention for women by many polls and surveys all over the world. This tiny white pill has made women free to choose when to have kids and how many to have; thus leading to the sexual liberation of women.

4. Pregnancy kit

Like the Pill, the home pregnancy kit has done wonders for women everywhere. No longer do they need to panic about an unwanted child and go through the routine of visiting a clinic to check whether they are pregnant or no, numerous times, for they can do so from the comfort of their homes.

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