Are You Suffering From Depression? Read These 9 Symptoms To Find Out

Are You Suffering From Depression? Read These 9 Symptoms To Find Out

Depression is a condition wherein a person is dominated by sadness and loses his/her willingness to live. Depression may be due to any reason that may be logical or illogical. However, it is both a physical as well as a mental condition, the after effects of which can be lasting. Here are the top 9 signs of depression.

1. Pessimistic Attitude

A pessimistic attitude is one of the most common signs of depression. This obviously doesn’t mean that all pessimists are depressed. Pessimism in depression includes a feeling of hopelessness wherein the person loses all hope of anything good ever happening. This kills their will to live. As your attitude as a depressed person turns negative towards life, every activity seems pointless.

2. Change in Sleep Patterns

Depression results in the change in sleep patterns of a person. Insomnia is not the only thing that you may suffer from. Just as there may be chances of a lack of sleep,you may also tend to oversleep as most of the times any activity would seem to be pointless to you. There may be times when despite having medications for sleep, the problem will persist and medication may not help much. Medicines for sleep, chronic pain and, headaches and even digestive disorders for that matter have practically no effect when depression persists.

3. Change in Appetite

There is a big change in appetite when you suffer from depression. You may not touch food at all and starve as depression would result in you losing the motivation to eat. Even if you feel hungry, a repelling sensation at the very thought of eating food would result in your abstaining from having food. The other extreme case is that you may start overeating. The appetite of some people increases voraciously. Either ways, this would cause problems with the digestive system and would also result in your weight fluctuating in this phase.

4. Suicidal Thoughts

The feelings of sadness, pessimism and hopelessness are the reasons for you to lose your will to live. This is when you get thoughts of ending your life. Think of good thoughts and consult your doctor when you begin getting suicidal thoughts.

5. Feeling Of Emptiness

Depression will give rise to a feeling of emptiness within you. This feeling is a sure sign of depression. It is a kind of apathy that a person suffers from and this is generally accompanied by sadness and anxiety. The emptiness is linked with a feeling of hopelessness and lack of initiative. Many people do realize that they are suffering from a mood or feeling of emptiness and wish to get rid of it and get back to normal. Most of the times, the quick solution adopted by you may be an anti-depressant but that may have other effects and may tend to affect you in different ways.

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