6 Reasons Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

6 Reasons Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

Almost every six months, the entertainment industry comes up with brand new stories of sex scandals, extra marital affairs and cheating partners. These celebrities don’t even think for a second about how their fans would perceive their acts of dishonesty. Once an act of dishonesty is committed by someone, all of his/her good deeds are undone. Take for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He lost all the repute, which he had earned until date, the moment Maria Shriver came out in the open to reveal his dishonesty towards their relationship. When we ponder over these instances, we feel honesty is indeed the best policy. Are you thinking why we say this? Well, read this piece and you’ll know why we call honesty as the best policy any person could have.

1. Key to trust

Honesty is the key to trust. When you do something with complete honesty, you give your heart and soul to it. This not only improves the quality of work that you do, but also enhances the bond that you share with people around. As times passes, people recognize you with your honesty and start trusting you. Gradually, they accept the fact that whatever you say or do is true, sincere and honest.

2. Keeps you in good books

As you start gaining people’s trust, you start getting a chance to be in the their good books. This policy especially helps in your workplace. If you are an honest person, you accept your success as well as failure in the right way. This will surely impress people around you and it will forever keep you in others’ good books.

3. Enhances your character

A well-known proverb sums up like this, reputation is made in a moment but character is built in a lifetime. Each and every incident of your life and each and every disposition of yours builds your character. If you add a layer of honesty to it, people will regard you as a person of high values, because honesty is the best of all virtues.

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