25 Romantic Gestures For Him

25 Romantic Gestures For Your Guy

Make romance a part of your relationship and watch it grow more and more special with time. Here are 25 romantic gestures for your guy.

  1. Call him up only to tell him that you love him.
  2. Send him a bouquet of wild flowers for no random reason. Attach a note saying, ‘Just to remind you how much I love you.’
  3. Prepare his favorite dessert for him.
  4. Lay down on his chest and hug him like you would never give him away for anything in the world.
  5. Don’t get angry when he teases you playfully.
  6. Allow him to play with your hair.
  7. Make a calendar with pictures of the two of you together.
  8. Stick ‘I love you’ notes all over the house at different places for him.
  9. Listen to him when he wants to talk.
  10. Get him breakfast in bed along with some red roses.
  11. Get him tickets of the front row to watch his favorite sport live.
  12. Plan surprises for him often.

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