8 Signs That Say You’re A Spoiled Brat

8 Signs That Say You're A Spoiled Brat

Are you one who likes to boss around and only listen to yourself? Do you keep nagging on and on, if something doesn’t go your way? Then you might want to read the following signs of a spoiled brat.

1. You blame others for your problems

If you are constantly blaming others for the problems and worries in your life, then you are sure to be a spoiled brat. You don’t know how to face your own problems and just want to dump all of them on someone else’s shoulders. But what you don’t understand is that you do it without any care in the world. For instance, if you forget to do your laundry, then you say that you had so much of other work to do or your neighbor came over to ask for some coffee. In simple words, you just make some excuses for your mistakes.

2. You expect others to do your work

Firstly, you keep blaming others for your life’s tensions and to top that, you also want others to do all that work that you should be doing. If your boss/professor gives you some work, then you pass it over to your colleague/classmate. You feel lazy to make your own breakfast or bed and expect that your mother/little sister will do it.

3. You think others are meant to serve you

You think as if you are the most important person on this planet and feel all others are beneath you. You act high and mighty with your friends and family too. Even if your room is all messed up for a week, you don’t bother to take care of it and organize things as they should be. You expect that someone or the other should walk into your room and do all this stuff.

4. You throw temper tantrums

It’s a calm, quiet day at your home. You don’t find your matching pair of shoes with the outfit you are wearing and all hell breaks loose. You shout at your mother for not taking care of your things, you scream at your sibling for always messing around with your stuff and you even yell at the dog for coming in your way. These are definitely the signs of a spoiled brat.

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