9 Ways to Improve Your Kid’s Eyesight

9 Ways to Improve Your Kid's Eyesight

A lot of parents think that eye operation is the only method that can improve the eyesight of their kids. The truth is that there are many natural methods that can improve a child’s eyesight. It is best to use only natural methods because these methods don’t cause any side effects. Unlike some synthetic methods, natural methods are ideal in the long run. Here are some ways to improve your kid’s eyesight.

1. Make your child wear a pair of good sunglasses

Sunglasses can help you protect your kid’s eyes. They can also help you improve the kid’s eyesight for longer periods. So, buy good sunglasses and make sure your kid wears it whenever he/she is out during the day. The sun emits ultraviolet rays which can deteriorate the kid’s vision when his/her eyes are exposed to the sun for longer periods. Also, encourage the child to wear the sunglasses during the periods of heavy wind blow. This prevents harmful particles from entering into the eyes, deteriorating the vision.

2. Do some good eye exercises with your kid

Be a role model and do some eye exercises with your kid. This will improve your eyesight as well. Start with simple exercises.

3. Wash your child’s eyes after he wakes up

Encourage your kid to wake up every morning, fill his/her mouth with water, close the eyes and sprinkle water on them for 5 minutes. Make sure the kid doesn’t use hot water to wash the eyes.

4. Encourage your kid to sleep early

Staying up till late at night is not good for the eyes. In case the kid is staying up late, make sure he/she drinks a cup of water after each hour.

5. Try and maintain regular bowel movements

Constipation can weaken the eyesight. Along with this, too much mental stress, grief, anger, anxiety and worry are harmful for the eyes. Encourage your kid to drink four to five liters of water every single day.

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