7 Ways to Do Quick Makeup in Ten Minutes

Ways to Do Quick Makeup in Ten Minutes

It is not always that you have hours and hours for yourself to get ready. However, it is always good to look your best, irrespective of whether you have managed to get yourself ten hours or ten minutes to look beautiful. When you are in a real rush and still have to look your best, try these ways to do quick makeup in ten minutes.

1. Wash your face

This is the first and the most important step before you are about to wear makeup. A dirty sweaty face cannot be a pretty sight, no matter how much cosmetics you use to make up for it. So, the first step is to wash your face clean with a good face wash. See that you clear traces of any previous makeup on your face. Pat your face dry with a clean towel. This will take about three minutes.

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2. Use a compact powder

Now, use a compact powder to give a base to the makeup you are about to apply. It will help to make your makeup stay longer. So carefully dab some compact powder on your face, neck and the exposed areas till your chest. You can also use this time to cover any blemishes or scars with a base foundation. This will take only one minute.

3. Wear a lip liner

A lip liner gives a good outline to your lips. It gives a good shape to your lips. It also makes your lipstick appear neater and prevents it from running out. Although this will take only one minute, wearing a lip liner creates an illusion that you took much more time over your lips.

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4. Wear a lip stick

After the liner the next step to do is wearing a good lipstick that makes your lips appear more attractive than they actually are. Start from your upper lip in the middle and slowly go towards the sides. Then do the same with the lower lip. Choose a shade that matches best on your complexion and is ideal for the occasion. This will take another one minute.

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