5 Ways to Tell a Guy to Stop Flirting With You

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When a guy likes you or tries to flirt with you sometimes, it’s charming and you may like the attention. But there are times when this flirting goes out of the bounds and you really aren’t interested anymore. Such a situation becomes really very awkward and difficult to handle as you don’t understand how to tell the guy clearly to stop flirting. Here are 5 ways to help you tell a guy to stop flirting.

1. Tell him he means nothing more than a friend to you

If this guy is one of your friends, then just make it clear to him that he is just a friend and nothing more and that you don’t want him to think in any other direction or to have any kind of expectations. Let him know directly that you are not interested in anything else other than friendship.

2. Do not give any kind of wrong signals

If a guy is flirting with you, and you don’t want him to, but you are still flattered by his flirting, then do not show that you like the attention, or give signals for him to interpret them in a wrong manner. This would make the guy think that you like the flirting and he would interpret it as a green signal.

3. Learn to ignore the guy

Despite confronting this flirt, if he constantly continues flirting, then the best solution is to ignore this love struck maniac. Do not be rude or say mean things as they may backfire on you. Just don’t respond to his flirting or to the things that are insignificant to you.

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