How to Make Bubble Bath at Home for Kids?

How to Make Bubble Bath at Home for Kids?

Kids absolutely love a bubble bath, the way the squeal at huge bubbles and the giggles that follow after every popping of the bubble is delightful to anybody’s ears. Here is a quick and proven way for you to learn to how to make a bubble bath at home with added fragrances and moisturizing ingredients.

• Liquid soap or shampoo that is easy on the eye
• Vitamin/ Baby Oil
• Lavender Oil
• Rose Petals
• Glycerin
• Water

• Take half a cup of water in a bowl and add half a cap of liquid soap or shampoo. Since the bubble bath is exclusively for kids, it is better to use the shampoo that does not irritate the eyes upon contact.

• Add a few drops of baby oil to the mixture. Adding baby oil ensures that the baby’s skin does not get shriveled up due to being exposed to water for such a long period of time.

• A few drops of lavender oil are added to give the bubble bath a nice fragrance.

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