7 Reasons He Hasn’t Proposed Yet

7 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed Yet

Have you been going steady with your boyfriend for a long time, but he hasn’t proposed to you yet? Are you wondering when he will kneel down and propose to you? Here are a few reasons he may be holding back from proposing you.

1. He is waiting to become financially stable

Your boyfriend may be waiting to become financially stable before he proposes to you. He may rightfully expect the proposal to eventually turn into marriage and he may want to be prepared to support two people before he goes down on his knees.

2. He wants to be sure of you

Just because a man has been in a relationship with a woman for a long time, it doesn’t mean he will surely marry her. Committing for a lifetime is a big deal for a man, and he would rather not rush into it. He may be taking his time to make sure that you are the right woman for him to call his own for a lifetime.

3. He is waiting for his best friend to get married first

At the outset, this may sound extremely lame and childish, but in reality, it could be a real reason why many men hesitate in proposing to their girlfriends. Many men get swayed due to peer pressure even if they are adults. One of the reasons he hasn’t proposed to you yet, could be because he is waiting for his best friend to do the deed first.

4. He wants to test your patience and passion for the relationship

If your boyfriend is playing smart and deliberately teasing you by not proposing after years of being together, he could be doing so to test you. He may want to know the real reason why you are in a relationship– whether you simply want the commitment of the relationship or you really love him and don’t care whether he proposes to you or not.

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