7 Rare Skin Diseases

7 Rare Skin Diseases

Skin diseases and related symptoms are common and most individuals experience some form of skin ailment or the other during their lifetime. Acne, eczema and psoriasis are some of the commonly known skin diseases but there are others that are relatively less known of. These mysterious diseases are rare and often have no cure. Victims of such weird and rare skin diseases are often subjected to cruelty by the society and disowned by family for no crime of theirs. Here’s a list of such rare skin diseases.

1. Human Pappiloma Virus

The ‘tree man’ was first observed in Indonesia. This rare skin condition caused by the human pappiloma virus results in excessive growth of mammoth sized warts all over the body. The Indonesian fisherman started noticing the warts as a teenager and his family deserted him after such weird and huge extensions covered his entire body with time. With publicity, he managed to raise funds for his surgery and doctors managed to remove around 13 pounds of warts from his body in 2008!

2. Hypertrichosis

This medical disorder is characterized by profuse hair growth in areas of the body that does not usually observe hair growth. Hair can cover the whole body or be concentrated on specific areas. Individuals develop it either during birth or at a later point in time of their life. However, congenital hypertrichosis is extremely rare and there have been only handful of reported cases till date. Treatments including laser and alternative medicine have proved futile for treating hypertrichosis.

3. Morgellons Disease

One of the strangest skin diseases reported in the United States, Morgellons Disease is typified by a crawly and itchy feeling of skin, open sores, extreme fatigue, memory loss, visual troubles and behavioral changes. Individuals with this skin condition have reported that blue and white fibrous threads ooze from open sores. There have not been any concrete source or reason for occurrence of this disease and hence there has not been any confirmed treatment till date.

4. Tungiasis

Tunga penetrans fleas are found predominantly in parts of South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa and India. These fleas infest and bury themselves into skin where they lay eggs and expand. The skin condition was an endemic in 1980s in Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria where almost 40% of children contracted Tungiasis.

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