15 Facts About Hot Flashes

15 Facts About Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are commonly caused because of hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause. Though, hot flashes are bearable and subside within minutes, some can also be intense. Most women feel uncomfortable because of hot flashes. Read on to know about some facts related to hot flashes.

1. Hot flashes are caused due to decrease in the estrogen level in the body. This mostly happens during menopause when body goes through lots of hormonal disturbances.

2. Hot flashes can be caused due to various other factors during menopause. Some of the factors include stress, depression and anxiety.

3. Hot flashes are prevalent in women who are regular drinkers. The percentage is much high in their case. Smoking can also affect the condition.

4. Most women experience hot flashes after entering the menopause stage. It reoccurs in stages depending on the body. Commonly, it occurs after first year of menopause.

5. The feeling of hot flash is somewhat like heavy perspiration. It occurs like a wave of sweat in the body. Though, the most common regions of hot flashes are neck and forehead.

6. It is believed that hot flashes often occur in the night. The reason is still not known. But, once the perspiration starts, it also causes sleeplessness. Hot flashes at night makes a woman feel extremely uncomfortable.

7. Hot flashes at night can cause tiredness during the day. Without proper sleep, women tend to feel lethargic the whole day.

8. The exact period of hot flash is not known as it lasts from second to a minute. But, eventually it subsides with time.

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