8 Things to Teach Your Child Before Preschool

8 Things to Teach Your Child Before Preschool

A toddler’s mind is like wet sand, whatever you write, it will leave a mark. Your child will learn many things in preschool. He/she will learn the basics of life, but there are some things a child should learn before preschool. What are those things? Here is the list of things to teach your child before preschool.

1. Vocabulary skills

Before your child enters preschool, he/she must know about language and vocabulary. Your child must know to pronounce his/her name. A proper vocabulary refers to language. Your child must understand the language well in order to communicate in his/her preschool. This is like the base of entering the preschool.

2. Proper control

Agreed, your child is small, there would be a difficulty to control things. But, it is important to make your child understand the meaning of control. If your child is too stubborn or clingy, then chances are your child could create some problems in his/herschool as well. As a parent, it is your duty to make your child understand the meaning of self control and proper control. Tell your child that he/she should behave in a good way when out or at home.

3. Teach self care

Your child is small, so you can’t expect him/her to do everything. But, at least you can start with basics. Like toilet training or eating. Make your child understand the importance of self care. Tell your child to raise an alarm if he/she needs anything. This is again an important thing to keep in mind before preschool.

4. Importance of time

Create a regular routine for your child. This should include sleeping at time, eating at time and specific leisure time. When your child will learn to stay in a routine, there wouldn’t be a problem in adjusting with the preschool routine. Importance of routine would also help your child to understand the value of discipline.

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