35 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

35 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

Okay, so you’ve recently started liking this guy from your neighborhood or school or workplace. We are sure you are eager to know more about him. But don’t know how to go about it? Well then, you’ve come to the right place for we have enlisted some questions to ask a guy you like.

a. Ask about his preferences

The first and foremost things that you should inquire about him are his preferences. After all, you should be compatible with him. What does he like and what does he not? Ask him simple questions like –

1. ‘What is your favorite movie/book?’
2. ‘What do you watch on TV?’
3. ‘What is your favorite food/cuisine?’
4. ‘How do you like to spend your free time?’
5. ‘What is your idea of fun?’

b. Ask about his family

Knowing about his family is also important for you. Does he live with his parents or has he moved out? Here are some questions you can ask him –

6. ‘Where do your parents live?’ (If he says he doesn’t live with his parents)
7. ‘Do you have siblings?’
8. ‘How often do you go out with your family?’
9. ‘Who is the most influential person in your life?’
10. ‘Whom do you share a good rapport with: your mother or father and why?’

c. Ask about his hobbies

Get to know about his interests and his hobbies alike. Does he like spending his time at indoors or outdoors? This will let you gage how social he is. These are some questions you can ask him –

11. ‘Do you play any sport? Which one?’
12. ‘How did you spend your last vacation?’
13. ‘What would you prefer: scuba diving or bungee jumping?’
14. ‘Do you like doing artsy, creative stuff?’
15. ‘Do you have any hobby that you never had the chance to pursue?’

d. Ask about his friends

To know more about him, get to know about his friends too. His friends circle will give you hints about his personality. Ask about his friends with these questions –

16. ‘Do you have many friends or just a few special ones?’
17. ‘Are you addicted to any social networking site?’
18. ‘Do you spend time with your friends?’
19. ‘Where do you hang out with them?’
20. ‘Have you been to any road trip/journey with them?’

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