6 Actions that Keep You Healthy – Strange But True!

6 Actions that Keep You Healthy - Strange But True!

You would be surprised to know how day to day habits that humans perform are actually helping us to stay fit and healthy. Nature has an unusual way to keep us in good form, especially with actions which we thought served only one purpose. After reading this list, you would probably feel good about taking care of your health when you perform any of these actions next time.

1. Laughing

Laughing your socks off not only feels good, it actually is very good for maintaining and boosting the health of your body. It apparently comes with a number of benefits such as strengthening immunity, relieving stress, preventing cardiac diseases, triggering the release of endorphins that reduce pain, etc. Thus laughter is aptly called the best medicine.

2. Crying

Crying is associated with a cathartic effect as humans feel unburdened and lighter after crying out their negative feelings in tears. Researchers have found that crying dispels certain undesirable hormones and proteins through the salty tears, thus literally unburdening the body. So the next time you cry, don’t feel bad about the puffed eyes, in fact feel good at the service you are doing to yourself, emotionally as well as physically.

3. Itching

While it’s common knowledge that scratching a part of the body that has been itching since long feels like heaven, it has been scientifically researched and proven that this act shuts off all other unpleasant feelings and memories, making it feel therapeutic. Also, when we scratch, dead cells on the skin are removed, thus allowing new skin cells to regenerate.

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