7 Ways Technology has Changed The Way We Date

7 Ways Technology has Changed The Way We Date

Advancements in technology have drastically changed the way we live our lives, especially the way we date. Ironically, making and maintaining a relationship has got as much easier as it has got tougher due to the advanced technology. Here are the ways in which technology has changed the whole dating game altogether.

1. No need of talking verbally

Previously, you would require guts and the prospect and fear of rejection to keep in mind before approaching someone. You wouldn’t know a thing about them and they were a mystery. Not any more. With the advent of social networking sites, you can check out the person online. All details can be seen online so that you have a fair idea whether that person is worth the effort of talking to in real or no. Even after starting to date, couples go days without talking in person or even on phone, preferring to type away on their fancy gadgets instead.

2. Know so many details even before speaking

Facebook has made it very easy to know details about the person whom you have been eyeing in real life but have not quite had the guts to approach yet. People mostly look at the Facebook profiles of those whom they are interested in, before asking them out so that they know the basic details of the person even before speaking to them. Age, sun sign, exes, education, family, life experiences and such other details can be found out by mere clicks of the button.

3. The world knows about your relationship

Whom you are dating, whom you are simply flirting with, whom you broke off with and such other details of your personal life are open to the world nowadays thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and others of it’s ilk. In fact, birthdays and anniversaries are remembered through such sites. When an angry or heartbroken status is put up by a person, people figure out that they are facing problems in their love life.

4. No missing each other

Since couples are connected almost 24/7 via messaging applications, phone calls and social networking sites, there is no time for them to miss each other. That yearning feeling of hearing your lover’s voice and anticipation of meeting them; that mystery has all but disappeared from today’s dating scenario.

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