6 Health Benefits Of Sweet Lime Juice

Health Benefits Of Sweet Lime Juice

The sweet and sour sweet lime is a fruit with high nutritional value. From cakes to jams, pickles to snacks, mocktails to cocktails, desserts to candies, the use of sweet lime is diverse. Apart from all these culinary uses, the highlight of this fruit and its juice is its myriad health benefits. From treating minor skin rashes to major conditions like cancer, sweet lime plays a vital role. Check out 6 health benefits of sweet lime juice.

1. Provides quick relief from constipation

Citrus fruits are considered best to remove toxins from the bowel tracts and help in clearing the bowel. Hence, drinking sweet lime juice will help in providing an immediate remedy to constipation problem. Sweet lime contains dietary fibers that are very essential to prevent constipation. The best way to drink sweet lime is by adding a pinch of salt to the juice.

2. Is a great aid for digestion

Sweet lime juice is a rich source of flavonoids that boost the digestive system by increasing digestive juices, acids and bile. So, doctors recommend sweet lime juice to patients suffering from gastrointestinal problems and other indigestion related problems. The fruit is also beneficial in preventing or controlling vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

3. Is effective in treating jaundice

Sweet lime juice has been used effectively as a natural remedy for jaundice. The nutritional content in the fruit helps in improving the liver function and has been known for its cooling effect in cases of fever and jaundice.

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