6 Interesting Facts About New Year

6 Interesting Facts About New Year

Looking back at the past year with love and the coming year with expectations, New Year Eve is simply the perfect time of the year to celebrate. Food, fun, party, games, fireworks – the world celebrates New Year with great pomp and gaiety. Again it’s not only about some celebrations that have no meaning associated with it. The holiday is based on traditions from time immemorial. It would be great to know about some interesting facts regarding the New Year’s Eve. Check them out right here.

1. The tradition of making New Year resolutions can be traced back to around 4,000 years! The ancient Babylonians are believed to have invented the tradition of resolutions as they made promises to please the Gods and start the New Year on a fresh note.

2. Before the electrically lit ball, it was fireworks show that marked the New Year celebrations in Times Square. The first New Year’s Eve ball in 1907 was an illuminated 700-pound iron and wood ball decked with 100 light bulbs. Today, the renovated Waterford crystals designed round ball weighs 11,875 pounds, has a diameter of 12 feet and is designed to be weather proof. There is a yearly theme for the ball’s crystal panels. For 2014, all the ball’s panels are replaced with new “Gift of Imagination” designs.

3. It is believed that you should always celebrate with friends and family, because the first visitor you see in the New Year will decide your luck for the coming year!

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