6 Ways to Personalize Christmas Gifts

6 Ways to Personalize Christmas Gifts

If you’re thinking about doing something extra special for all your friends and family this Christmas, then we have found just the right thing for you. Personalizing your gifts is a great idea. You not only spend time thinking about the person you’re giving the gift to, taking care of his likes and dislikes, but the joy of receiving a personalized gift is also tremendous. Read ahead and find ways in which you can personalize Christmas gifts.

1. Write a special note

You can always write something special about the person receiving your gift. Attach a small note to your gift or write a few sentences on a Christmas card.

2. Sketch his/her image

If you’re good at sketching, then make a sketch of the person you’re giving the gift to and stick it on a piece of card stock. You can also make a silhouette of the person and glue it to your gift. To make the silhouette, cut the shape of the torso of the person from a photo and use it to cut out the silhouette on black construction paper.

3. Make a unique card

A personalized card is more special than one that is brought from the store. You can even create a Christmas card using card stock like photo cards, glitter cards and more. For instance, if the recipient is a chef, you can draw little pies, puddings and cakes on the card. If he/she’s a doctor, make little stethoscopes on the card.

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