5 Foods with Hidden Powers

5 Foods with Hidden Powers

Eating is a crucial part of our day to day survival, and while all of us do eat something or the other every day, many of us are also concerned about the nutrition benefits we get from the food we eat. It is true that almost every food item helps us in some way or the other, but there are certain food items which are extremely beneficial to our body. Yet, only few of us are aware of their hidden powers. Here are 5 such foods and their hidden powers.

1. Cheese

Cheese is mostly known for its calcium value which helps to keep our bones strong. But there is also an additional advantage of having cheese. Cheese is packed with menaquinones which is a type of vitamin K. A recent study has shown that regular intake of menaquinones activates the cancer killing genes in our body and hence reduces the risk of developing cancer.

2. Tomato sauce

Tomato based sauce contains lycopene, which helps to protect our heart, but that news is stale now. What’s new is that tomato sauce also contains apigenin, which is a powerful antioxidant. According to a new research, it has been found that women who take in a lot of apigenin are less likely to develop ovarian cancer.

3. Honey

Pure honey which has not been commercially processed is effective in healing several kinds of wounds. The acidity of honey slows down the growth of bacteria, and the sugars extract dust and moisture. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also approved honey-based dressing on different types of cuts and burns. Did you know that?

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