7 Signs You are Not Compatible

Signs You are Not Compatible

Just because two people are in a relationship, does not mean that they are automatically compatible with each other. Even if there are minor matters over which there is disagreement, assuming that they will diminish over time is more often wrong. Therefore, it is essential that you figure out whether or not you are compatible with the person whom you are dating. Listed here are the major 7 signs which show that you are not compatible:

1. Financial matters

One of the many issues over which a couple enters into disagreement is money. You must know whether or not you two have the same beliefs and decisions regarding financial matters, as it will make you understand whether or not you are compatible.

2. Resolution of conflicts

You must understand what happens in case of a conflict. How the two of you resolve any sort of disagreement is also a matter of significance. You should be able to tell whether you are compatible or not by judging the way you resolve conflicts.

3. Religious faiths and beliefs

You must also be able to tell about your compatibility depending upon your religious faiths and beliefs and how much there is a chance of conflict on the basis of what the two of you have faith in when it comes to religion and other religious cultures and practises.

4. Relationship with family

Another sign that will show that you are not compatible is how your relationships are like with your families. If both have a good relation with your families, chances of a successful relationship are more. Otherwise, if you find that he is not much into his family, remember that it is likely to cause trouble later in life.

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