How to Judge Your Children’s Friends?


The Holy Bible says “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. It is very important to have good friends around you for your development and the same rule applies to your children for their betterment. Although it is not a good idea to pre-judge your children’s friends, it is always sensible to know them and their behavior in general. Here are some tips to help you judge your children’s friends.

1. Talk to your children

There is a common notion that children never lie. Talk to your children to understand what they feel about their friend. Ask them positive questions about their friends that your children would be willing to answer. Apart from the above, try having a healthy conversation once in a while to understand what they play together and what their friends do in their leisure hours.

2. Talk to your children’s friends

You can even talk to the friends of your children whenever you get an opportunity. Always address them by names and remember what they say by paying full attention. This will make your children’s friends respond to your questions in a more interesting manner.

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