7 Types of People You Will Meet in Your 20’s

7 Types of People You Will Meet in Your 20's

The 20’s are considered to be the, fun age, for you are no longer an awkward teen learning about the ways of the world, nor are you a family person touching middle age. This is the time when most people explore themselves and the world around them to the fullest. In this interesting journey of a decade, you will meet 7 types of people who have been present in most people’s lives when they are in their 20’s.

1. The married one

When in your teens you must have always wondered what would happen of your peers when they go out in the world. Who will marry first? Who will become famous? Who will be ready to retire by 40? So there is always that woman or man who ties the knot just too soon. While people are still struggling to get a foothold in their career fields, such a person doesn’t really care about it. All they care about is, the romance of an early marriage.

2. The fabulous life liver

This guy or gal is forever jet setting here and there. They live the fabulous life and their life seems like one big party. They have no shortage of love interests, have mysterious careers that no one really knows or cares about for heck, they have lots of money anyway that supports this lifestyle of theirs. They make you feel like your life is boring, but surely, they have their own struggles as well; just that they keep mum about that aspect of their lives.

3. The one who went down

This person was the one who everyone thought would excel and do well in life since he/she was oh-so-charming in high school and college. However, the real world didn’t treat him/her that well, and everything, from his/her looks to careers to love life seems to have gone down the drain.

4. The blossom queen

This female was the proverbial ugly duckling or plain Jane until recently. But due to some transformation or sudden realization, she has morphed to be even prettier than the pretty girls who were so popular back then. You feel sort of proud of her for you know she is a good person and deserves all the male attention she is suddenly garnering due to this transformation.

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