5 Tips to Get into a Casual Relationship

5 Tips to Get into a Casual Relationship

Relationship with ‘no strings attached’! Well, the tag might be what attracts most of you towards a casual relationship. Since casual relationships come with minimal expectations, many people welcome it. When some try it just to enjoy the ups and downs of a relationship, some others enter it to get rid of the boredom that has crept into their long-term relationship. There are a few others who, despite of a perfect relationship with their partner, want to experience the thrill of a casual affair secretly. In brief, a casual relationship is something where you are free without any rules and there is no commitment involved. If you want to try one, here are 5 tips for you.

1. Make your intentions clear

Once you want to have a casual fling, ensure that your partner is well aware of your intentions. Put things straight across the table, so that it should not lead to any confusion in the future. Decide with your partner on things like how to go about if either one of you falls in love with someone else? Should the relationship be kept hidden from all? If one of you suddenly feels disinterested, what do you do? If both of you agree on certain terms, you can go ahead.

2. Understand the traps

As you both have agreed that it is going to be a non-committal relationship, at any point of time if you feel that the other partner is clinging to you badly, set yourself free from it. Chances are there that it can be a trap to exploit you mentally or financially (not always, though). If you want to end the relationship, do it and do not continue it even if your partner gets closer to you.

3. Avoid the magical words

When you are in a casual relationship, it is easy to misunderstand lust for love. So, even if you feel strongly for the other person, hold back those magical words, “I love you.” It is quite common to develop a liking for the person with whom you had sex or have spent great time together. But, when you declare your love, it might take your relationship status to a different level. It can even ruin the existing bond.

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