7 Best Dance Styles to Lose Weight

7 Best Dance Styles to Lose Weight

A lot of people want to lose weight but they find working out a little boring. Following the same work out regime can be monotonous. Some people find it dull as well as tiring. On the other hand, dancing can help to lose weight without feeling bored or tired. Dancing is basically a stress busting activity. It is a good cardiovascular exercise as well. It helps to tone muscles and improves coordination. Endurance and stamina building are value added advantages of dancing. It is already proven that such aerobic activities lower the risk of heart disease and controls the blood pressure. You can also control your cholesterol levels with the help of some dance genres. There are several benefits of dancing. Following are some of the dance genres which will help you stay fit in a fun way.

1. Belly Dancing

Belly dance is one of the most popular dance genres nowadays. Belly dance is not an aerobic form of dancing but it is still very helpful in toning the muscles. It improves your strength and coordination. While doing your Belly dance steps, you basically stretch the muscles of your thighs, hips, torso and stomach. This stretching strengthens your muscles. It may help you to achieve a perfect belly shape.

2. Hip Hop Dancing

This latest high energy dance form boosts you to move your body with fast-paced music. Hip Hop trains you with the latest club moves and this allows you to move almost every body part with full energy. Most of the Hip Hop dance instructors train people with zeal and right techniques. That’s why beginners can also draw some real time benefits out of Hip Hop.

3. Zumba

Zumba is the latest dance form which focuses on Latin beats. It is the combination of Salsa, Reggaeton and some other styles. This dance genre is a great fusion which provides you the confidence and the will to workout. Most of the gyms are using Zumba dance workout method nowadays.

4. Ballroom Dancing

A variety of ballroom dance forms are available. You can go for the Latin American dance infused ballroom dance form. This ballroom dance is the newest form in ballroom category. You may require a partner in some ballroom dance types. There are a few styles in ballroom which allow you to dance without a partner. So, select a ballroom dance class as per your requirement.

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