5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Daughter as She Grows Up

Ways to Stay Close to Your Daughter as She Grows Up

The bind you share with your daughter is special and you will have a relationship with her like none other. Although it is said and widely believed that daughters are close to their dads, it changes after a while and it is the mother that girls look up to and see as a role model. It is also to you the girl would come to share her secrets and fears. The relationship you have with your daughter will change as she grows with the teenage years being the most difficult. She would be trying to find herself and may think of you as an enemy or a threat to her freedom and independent behavior. If you can get past the horror years without much damage, you can have a great relationship in the later years. Here are some ways to stay close to your daughter as she grows up.

1. Grow with her

Just because you are older than her does not mean you have grown enough. As your daughter grows up, you need to grow up with her. It is also important not to expect your daughter to react with you the same way she did as a toddler or a kid when she is a teenager. Give her some space if that is what she wants and be there for her when she wants to talk and do not judge her.

2. Get to know her friends

There may be a time when all her friends come over and you feed them all. Sometimes she may not want you to talk with her friends. It may be because they have secrets that they do not want you to know or sometimes it maybe because she is embarrassed of you and wants to show off that she is independent of you. In such cases, do not get mad but talk to her later. Do not demand to know about all her friends, but talk to her when she is in a relaxed mood and when the two of you are alone.

3. Have mother-daughter dates

You and your daughter can have special dates together. You can either go shopping or go to the salon or spa together. When you hit the salon together you will also get to know about her body issues and can help her deal with that.

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