6 Things You Didn’t Know about Facebook

Things You Didn't Know about Facebook

Facebook is not just the cool blue website you use to stay connected to people. There is more to the social networking site than what meets the eye. Listed below are 6 cool things you did not know about Facebook:

1. It has more than 600 million mobile users

Not just the desktop, Facebook is now even more popular on the mobile phone. Check around you, you will find almost everyone updating their status and checking in on their profile using their mobile device. Facebook on mobile has now become almost a phenomenon. And so, it is not surprising that it now has about more than 600 million mobile users.

2. Facebook is a small company

Facebook is a relatively smaller company than its counterparts, considering the fact that Facebook is mentioned alongside players like Google, Microsoft and Apple. And then, consider the fact that Facebook has only about 3900 full-time employees, whereas Google has more than 34000. The best things come in small packages, don’t they?

3. Mark Zuckerberg manages changes to the News Feed

Facebook has undergone plenty of changes over the years. It is usual that Mark Zuckerberg does not involve himself with too much code writing as he is the CEO and chairman of the company, but he still does review and overlook changes to the most important feature of Facebook: the News Feed.

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