5 Reasons to Participate in a Marathon

5 Reasons to Participate in a Marathon

Marathons these days are quite popular in most metropolitan cities of the world. These can be full or half city marathons, and are usually promoted very well, much in advance, so that more and more people can register and participate. Here are some of the reasons for you to participate in a marathon.

1. To support a cause

Most marathons support a good and noble cause, or receive participation from NGOs and other such organizations, which support various causes. To run in a marathon is your way of showing support for a cause, and doing some good to the society. Your registration fee is used for charity, and is channelized towards good changes in the society.

2. To get a good break

Most marathons happen on weekends, which mean that these are good occasions for you to get a nice break from your tiring work life. You can enroll with friends or family, and have a good day together, with some fitness boost too!

3. To know your stamina

For those who are fitness freaks and are worried about their stamina levels, these marathons are a good way to find out how much stamina one has. You will know how much you can run in one go. And for those who are serious runners or athletes, the participation is even more rewarding, as winning a marathon brings fame and acknowledgement.

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