5 Reasons Why Jogging is Good for Weight Loss

5 Reasons Why Jogging is Good for Weight Loss

Everyone makes a huge deal when it comes to talking about how satisfying exercising is, how is it a blessing for life, and how everyone cannot go a day without exercising. The truth is, all that is a giant lie.
You know how much motivation it takes for you to exercise, and you know you would give it up in a jiffy if you were promised you would not put on a pound. One of the less tedious ways of exercising is jogging, which actually is good for weight loss, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Increases Metabolism

Jogging increases your metabolism rate, if you do it consistently. That, in turn, translates to your body burning calories at a higher rate, which leads to weight loss if you control your diet.

2. Increases Strength

Increase in strength means there is more you could do with your body, that means your muscles work, which implies that you lose weight.

3. Improves Stamina

When you do the same physical exercise over and over, you build up your stamina. Which means you can either increase the intensity, or the duration of the exercise, which boosts up the benefit of the exercise. Similar is the case with jogging.

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