14 Signs Your Boyfriend is Seeing Someone Else

Signs Your Boyfriend is Seeing Someone Else

No woman wants to be known as the crazy person who goes through boyfriend’s laundry, hacks or stalks his Facebook account, spy on him with binoculars, secretly check his cell phone and prob him with million questions. If you believe your boyfriend is having an affair, look for these tell-tale signs and also know that even though your boyfriend might tick all the points do not jump to any conclusions.

1. He repeatedly cuts your calls and then calls you to tell a disaster plot and how he was right in middle of it.

2. He makes excuses to not meet you. Suddenly his grandpa needs him to fix the faucet or his sister needs him to baby sit his nephew.

3. He does’’t look forward to being intimate with you.

4. His opinions and interests change by leaps and bounds. He suddenly starts getting interest in Scientology, or turns vegan or gets annoyed and critical about your ‘leather satchel’.

5. He starts finding faults in you; and even starts suspecting you of two-timing him.

6. He stops listening to your conversations. While you go on a rant about your new boss-from-hell, he has already zoned out.

7. Check the receipts in his wallet. This could lead you to the real story.

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