4 Quick Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

4 Quick Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

Healthy and beautiful nails not only beautify your hands and complement them, but they also boost up your confidence by enhancing your overall personality. Broken nail is generally not a big deal as it tends to grow in sometime. However, at times it tends to become a huge problem, especially when you have an important function to attend the very next day. Read on to know how you can instantly fix your broken nail and get ready to attend the party or any other important event with confidence.

1. Use a tea bag

Tea bags can be used for fixing the broken nail. Since the composition of tea bags is similar to that of a nail, it can be easily utilized to fix the broken nails. Clean your nails. Cut a small patch from the tea gauze. The patch should be small enough to be able to easily cover the tear. Once you are ready with the tea bag patch, apply a layer of clear nail polish on your nail. When the nail polish is still wet, gently place the tea bag patch over the broken nail to perfectly cover the tear. Once your patch is perfectly placed over the cracked nail, apply another coat of clear nail polish on it and let it dry completely. Once dry, you can easily buff-off additional grumps to give a smooth finish to your nail.

2. Use nail glue

Nail adhesive can temporarily be used to mend the broken nails. By applying a small drop of nail glue over the broken nail, you can fix it in case of emergencies. Once the nail sticks firmly, you can buff your nails and apply nail paint over it for strengthening its tears.

3. Use tissue paper/athletic tape

Tissue papers or Athletic tapes are the easiest solution for broken nails. Just like the tea bag, even these can be used as wraps over the broken nails. These are the perfect rescue in times of emergencies when you do not have a tea bag. It can be used in a similar fashion as the tea bag method described above.

4. Use artificial nail

When you do not have the time and patience to repair your nails, you can opt for false nails. Easily available in any cosmetic shop, artificial nails are also perfect for those who do not have long and beautiful nails.

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