5 Quick Ways to Get In Shape

5 Quick Ways to Get In Shape

Staying in shape is one of the most highly desired objectives known to mankind. And if there are quick ways to get in shape, then they are the new buzzwords in life. There are millions of ideas that promise quick results. Some are effective while some others do not really help much. Right here, you can learn some tried and tested methods to get in shape quickly.

1. Jumping Rope

In one minute, you can lose more than 23 calories by doing the jumping rope workout. This exercise burns fat accumulated throughout your body and hence you obtain better muscle tone. It is neither expensive nor has the need for a personal trainer. It is mobile and certainly not monotonous. Check for the length of the rope and grip tightly to avoid accidents. Speed rope works for beginners and as you progress, you can move to peg rope. Increase number of revolutions for increased intensity.

2. Pushups

Pushups are not just meant for men but they are also great for women. Use your knees instead of toes to do the exercise. Do full pushups. Even if you begin with five in the initial days, you can gradually progress with time. You will begin to notice a visible difference especially in your pectoral area, abdomen and triceps.

3. Weight Training

Weight training is a great way to lose weight if you are someone who hits the gym every day. Exercise different parts of your body every day and take a break on the final day of the week. For e.g., you can alternate upper and lower body workouts every day with cardio sessions on days in between. Taking the help of a personal trainer will help you understand the right set of exercises to facilitate your fitness objective.

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