9 Tips on How to Make Legs Look Longer

9 Tips on How to Make Legs Look Longer

Long, never ending legs are the most desired and envied subject for men and women. Some women are naturally blessed with a pair and are blissfully unaware of the difficulties faced by others to get them. Some other women are constantly yearning for it and identify ways and means to help them achieve their objective. Here, you can follow some tips and tricks to make your legs appear taller.

1. If you have a longer torso and shorter lower half, wearing a short dress or skirt can offer the illusion of long legs. Miniskirts are ideal to create such an image and you need not even bare your legs if you are uncomfortable about it. Combine these skirts with tights to show length and a sense of being demure.

2. If you have too many skirts or dresses that are much lower than your knees, do not despair. Wearing shoes and tights of the same color make eyes go non-stop from legs to floor, thereby creating an impression of long legs.

3. Show more skin on your legs to offer a visual image of lengthy legs. Miniskirts are a great option for short women who want to make their legs appear longer.

4. High heels are an excellent fashion statement from time immemorial. Your feet and back may hurt but on certain special occasions, make use of a pretty pair that is tall enough to make you look taller with certainty.

5. Not all occasions demand the use of skirts and dresses. There are days when you need to make use of jeans and yet want to make your legs appear taller. In such cases, pair dark boots with extremely dark jeans like a black one. This concept is similar to that of tights and shoes of the same color.

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