5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Small spaces can be beautiful but sometimes they can get crampy. With cities getting more populated and rentals getting expensive by the day, the best bet is to look for a way in which you can make your small pad look large. Take a look at how you can make your room look bigger.

1. Play with light and dark colors

It is a well known fact that you can make your small room look large by using lighter pastel shades for your wall paint. Using too many dark colors on the wall tend to make rooms look much smaller than what they are. You can paint your walls and moldings in lighter colors and use dark colors for the borders. Doing this will make the walls look pushed back, enhancing the sense of more space.

2. Remove the embellishments that cramp up your room

Do you have many photo frames, wall hangings, souvenirs and other knick knacks lying around on table tops or shelves in your small room? They’re the culprits of making your room look closed in. So tie your hair up and get ready for some spring cleaning. Removing the clutter will give your room a minimalist look and will make it appear larger.

3. Use multi function furniture to aid utility and space

The variety of multi function furniture available in the market today is mind boggling. Instead of picking a separate book shelf, coffee table, lamp table, magazine rack and a side table, pick a furniture piece that includes all of these. This will mean that lesser furniture occupies space in your room, making your small room look large.

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