5 Myths About Aging That You Must Brush Away

5 Myths about Aging That You Must Brush Away

Aging is all in the mind. If you think you are still young, then continue thinking. Thought process plays an important role in aging. Many women actually start feeling depressed as they age. In fact, there are many myths associated with aging. It is important to know about those myths to feel younger. Let us look at some of the common myths about aging.

1. You stay young if you exercise since your teens

This is a pure myth. Do you believe, if you did not exercise in 20s and 30s, it is too late now? Well, the fact is, it is never too late to start exercising. Regular exercise helps to keep your skin young. Regular walks and Yoga can help you in any age.

2. As you age, you become a victim of depression

This is again a myth that should be cleared. Depression can be treated with positive energy and happiness. In fact, today, more than old, young women are getting depressed. Aging is not associated with depression. If you feel good and positive then continue to stay so.

3. With age, you start being dependent on others

With age, you become dependent, is again a myth. If you have a healthy lifestyle, then you need not be dependent on others. Today, there are exceptional clubs that are especially meant for old people. Through these clubs, elderly women can enjoy many social activities. So, aging can also be fun.

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