5 Things You must Do During Lent

Things You must Do During Lent

Lent begins on the Ash Wednesday and goes on for forty days until Easter. Many Christians use this time for fasting and spiritual obedience. This is the time which has been ear-marked by all the Christians to purify themselves from within and think of nothing but Jesus and how he gave up his life for the good of humanity. Some people begin the season of Lent by committing to a goal. Read on to find out 5 things you must do during Lent.

1. Abstain and fast

People who are observing fast during the period of Lent must reduce the quantity of food intake and abstain from eating meat. Keep the portion of food small and menu simple rather than ornate. This will help you fight the temptation of eating recklessly and also give you the strength to have greater control on yourself.

2. Pray each day

Devote each and every day to remember the Lord’s sacrifice and love for humanity. Pray at least twice every day, at the beginning and the end of the day. It might help you connect with God at a spiritual level.

3. Read the Bible

To read the Bible is not just about reading the scripture absent-mindedly. It is about understanding the message and to incorporate that in your everyday life. When you read the holy writ for its benefits and not as a commitment for the next 40 days, you will find yourself deeply immersed in its lesson and a bond with Christ by the end of the period.

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