10 Fun Facts About Santa Claus

10 Fun Facts About Santa Claus

We all simply love Santa Claus! His name is synonymous with the Christmas celebrations. What could be more interesting than to know some fun facts about Santa? This would instantly help you get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the celebrations with great fervor.

Fun fact #1

Santa Claus is actually loosely based on a real person, St. Nicholas. He was the Bishop of Myra and often used to give gifts to the needy anonymously. He would also often hand out coins and treats to kids. St. Nicholas has also been canonized as the patron saint of children.

Fun fact #2

In around 1773, the name “St. A Claus” first appeared in the American press. This name later became Santa Claus.

Fun fact #3

Americans got the first description of Saint Nicholas from author Washington Irving. He described him as “a chubby little man with a jolly smile, drawn by a team of reindeer.”

Fun fact #4

Santa has many names. He is known as Father Christmas in England and Christindl, the Christ Child in Germany. The French call him Pere Noel (Father Christmas) while in China he is known as Shengdan Laeoren.

Fun fact #5

Did you know that Santa Claus was recently declared a Canadian citizen? What’s more, he even has his own zip/post code: HOH OHO.

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