5 Ways to Handle Your Alcoholic Teenager

5 Ways to Handle Your Alcoholic Teenager

Having a teen son or daughter involved in alcohol abuse can create a tough situation at home and school to deal with. Not only is teenage a delicate phase of life for kids, but it is also the time when they are most vulnerable to such vices. Here are a few things you can do to deal with your alcoholic teenager.

1. Know your teen’s alcohol consumption habits

If you want to devise strategies to deal with your alcoholic teenager, you will have to first know about your teen’s alcohol consumption habits. Does he or she drink excessively only at parties? Does your teen drink because of peer pressure? What kind of liquor does your teen drink? Have you ever found bottles of alcohol hidden in your teen’s bag? Knowing all these things with help you to know what the intensity and nature of the problem is. It will give you invaluable insights in dealing with the problem in an effective manner.

2. Confront your teen

Sooner or later, you will have to confront your teen about his or her drinking problem. It is better that you do it at the earliest to nip the problem in its early stages. Sit down with your teen and try to get to the root of the problem. Get to know what the reason for his or her alcohol addiction is. Tell him or her about the ill effects of consuming excessive alcohol and how it can destroy his or her career and social life. Don’t expect to drive home your point in just one conversation. You will have to keep at it continuously.

3. Narrate the real life case of an alcoholic you know personally

If your teen’s alcohol addiction is beginning to get chronic, you can handle it by pointing out a real life example from your friends of family. Tell your teen about all the troubles that person had to go through and how much effort it took him or her to overcome alcoholism. When you narrate a real life example, your teen will be able to relate to it better than anything else.

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