5 “Healthy” Foods That Are Not Healthy

5 Healthy Foods That Are Not Healthy

There are many foods available in the market today which are touted as healthy foods. People even believe certain foods are healthy just because their parents and grandparents have been telling them so for ages. But fact is most of these foods are actually harmful. Here are the six such “healthy” foods that are not healthy actually.

1. Fat free foods

Have you ever wondered what exactly do fat free foods have in them? They may not contain fat but are instead filled with chemical preservatives and artificial sweeteners and flavors, so as to retain the taste that you enjoy so much. When fat is out, all other harmful substances are in, which do more damage than the original fat would have done. In fact, reduced fat products are still a better option but ‘fat-free’ is a strict no-no.

2. Diet Soda

Imagine a drink without sugar but still tastes sweet! It is true. Diet soda does not add calories to your body but instead prepares it for plenty of diseases including tumor. Carcinogenic artificial sweeteners are used to sweeten diet soda to retain the “great” taste but they are harmful for you. Diet soda also contains caffeine which can lead to hyperactivity, high blood pressure and the likes.

3. Peanuts

For the sake of a balanced diet, peanuts are really good as they contain many minerals like magnesium, copper and are also a source of Vitamin E which is very helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. But a lesser known fact is that peanuts also contain omega-6 fats which mess with omega fatty acids in your body and can be responsible for several horrible diseases including Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

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