7 Cool Milkshake Recipes

7 Cool Milkshake Recipes

Whipping up a cool milkshake at any time during the day feels like a true blessing. Here we provide you with 8 such mouthwatering recipes.

1. Strawberry milkshake

Take one cup of strawberry ice-cream, milk and strawberries; and mash them up. Top the mixture off with some sweet fruits and cherries to lend it the final touch.

2. Mango milkshake

Take some Alphonso mangoes and blend them up in a processor. Add boiled and chilled milk to the mashed up pulp and serve it with the essence of cardamom. Add some sugar to the mixture. This method can be used with other fruits as well.

3. Chocolate milkshake

Take one or two teaspoons of a branded chocolate syrup. Blend it with milk and sugar to get a soothing and delicious milkshake. You can add chocolate ice-cream too.

4. Cereal milkshake

Take some sweet corn. Blend it with frozen milk and vanilla ice-cream, and your corn milkshake is ready.

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