5 Creative Ways to Propose Your Beloved

5 Creative Ways to Propose Your Beloved

Whether it is simply asking out that person, or proposing to him for marriage, proposals always need to be special and memorable. It is those few moments of excitement and emotions that are cherished for the rest of your life. Hence, it is obvious that your proposal should be unique, different, and out of the box, for you to make your beloved feel special. Here are some creative ways to propose.

1. Use the Internet

With development in technology, our methods of making use of that technology are also fast improving. Today, the Internet offers wonderful possibilities for those who are looking to propose to their special someone, creatively. You could record a proposal video and put it up on websites like Youtube, where you can ask your friends to comment on the video, like it, and share it. You could also creatively set up proposal events on Facebook and other social networking sites, and could send wonderful e-cards too. Or if you want to give it all that you can, make a website on your partner and you, filling each page with memorable pictures and events that you’ve shared, and put up a proposal note on the last page. Give these links to your beloved, when he least expects it, and wait for a wonderful response! Setting up a new podcast too could work well, if you can do it creatively.

2. Surprise At Home

Your home is probably the best place for intimate, romantic moments. You could either, invite your beloved to your own place and give him a surprise proposal, or could plan a surprise at his place. You can put up small chits on the floor with sweet messages, and give out arrow directions to make him walk to a room filled with huge banners, decorations etc. with your proposal mentioned big and wide! Or you could change the entire house’s paintings and wall hangings, and put up both your pictures instead, before you meet him in the kitchen or at the dining table with a self-cooked meal, over which you can propose.

3. Out In Public

If your beloved is the kind of person who loves to be surprised in public, then take him out on a dinner date and ask the staff to play a romantic song at a specific time, over which you can propose. You could also play your beloved’s favorite song with a special recorded message over it. Or, simply convince a grocery store owner to let you put your beloved’s pictures on some product racks, or on the price tags of some products. Go there with your partner making it seem like an ordinary shopping trip, till he gets a surprise proposal from you over there. You could also propose over the radio, during a specific show that your beloved for sure listens to, or could propose in a movie theater during the interval.

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