6 Reasons Facebook Causes Depression

6 Reasons Facebook Causes Depression

A few reasons on how and why Facebook can depress you.
Facebook has become such a popular social media tool and a source of news, gossip and entertainment that at times we get addicted to it, so much so that we have this need to constantly update ourselves on it, or check in on Facebook wherever we are. It is also sometimes the first thing we look at when we wake up. There are so many good things about Facebook, but if you are completely addicted to it, then there are chances that it might lead to depression and other anxiety disorders.

1. When you don’t get enough likes

So you update your status message with what you think is a wise crack or a very intelligent quote and you do not get enough likes or worse no one bothers to comment or respond. That’s a pretty depressing thought.

2. Kid’s pictures everywhere

There are some people who think Facebook is their Kids album and document almost every moment of their kid’s life on Facebook. There are pictures of the kids crawling, walking and even picking their nose. Cute but pretty depressing when you don’t have one or trying to have one unsuccessfully.

3. Your Ex’s pictures and updates

Nothing can be more depressing than following your ex on Facebook and knowing that they have moved on with a family or with a new partner. It’s best to take them off your list.

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