9 Different Ways to Say I Love You

9 Different Ways to Say I Love You

Saying ‘I love you’ has never been so much fun. Do you want to show your boyfriend/husband how much you love him using just those three golden words but in a different manner? Continue reading for you’ll find a number of different ways to say I love you.

1. Stamp it on a toast

Imagine the look on his face when he sees an ‘I heart you’ on his morning toast. You can use cookie cutters – the heart shaped ones – and press them perfectly on the bread and then pop it in the toaster. You can also buy a toast stamper with the ‘I love you’ message and surprise him.

2. Write it on a foggy mirror

After taking a shower, write ‘I Love You’ on the mirror. When he goes for a shower after you, your message will reach him and his heart just right.

3. Write it on a cake

Order a cake and write ‘I love you’ on it using a pastry bag. Do this only if you’ve had enough practice writing on a cake. Otherwise, you may just get the message written professionally at the cake shop.

4. Keep a card under his pillow

Write your message on a small piece of card and tuck it under his pillow. But keep it just so he sees something peeping out of his pillow, before he goes to sleep.

5. Send love messages to him at work

You will have to use business envelopes for this task. Write ‘I love you’ with a red lipstick on a plain sheet of paper, fold it accordingly and insert it into the envelope. Get it delivered to his office in the middle of the day.

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