5 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More

Do you want to make your guy want you more? Well, you may have tried thousands of options, but that might have not worked to charm him. Wondering how to make it possible then? Here are some helpful tips to make a man really sit up and take notice of what he has got in you.

1. Look good

Guys are visual beings and the way their girl looks plays a very important role in their desire to be with you. Look beautiful and sexy and have his full attention when you are with him. If his friends think you are wonderful, he will never want to let go of you and want you even more. However, though getting dolled up for your man might be interesting, be at your natural best. Avoid heavy makeup all the time around him. Guys prefer natural beauties than artificial dolls.

2. Love and respect yourself

Remind yourself that you are as good as your boyfriend. While it is okay to put him on a pedestal, you must do the same for yourself too. Be confident about yourself. If you love and respect yourself, your boyfriend will do the same too.

3. Have a life of your own

You need not spend every minute of your waking hour with your boyfriend. Make plans with your friends and hang out with them often. Have some hobbies and take the time to pursue them. Your boyfriend will admire your individuality and will treasure you even more for it. Remember, your boyfriend is a part of your life, maybe one of the most important parts, but there are other things too that need your attention. Note that guys hate clingy girls. He prefers an independent girl, full of life.

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