5 Things No One Tells You about Life After Marriage

5 Things No One Tells You About Life After Marriage

Getting married is relatively easy when compared to working on it and making it work. You and the people around you spend a lot of time and effort planning the wedding that seldom do you get any advice or tips on what to expect in the days and years that follow the wedding. Even if you had been in a relationship for long and gotten married to the same person, the dynamics between the two of you changes when you get married. Expectations and behaviors change making you wonder if your spouse is the same person you got married to. Instead of being clueless about what you got yourself into, it is always good to know beforehand the few things you can expect in a marriage. Here are some things no one tells you about life after marriage.

1. The fireworks that was in your relationship before the wedding slowly fade away

This is one reason why so many people get disillusioned in a marriage. Both men and women start slacking and taking things for granted. The effort they put into getting married is either missing or very less. You need to be prepared to expect less and start adjusting more if you want your marriage to succeed and be a better one.

2. Life after marriage will test your patience as well as your love

You are going to need a lot of patience just to deal with the everyday humdrum of married life. It can be pretty monotonous and boring. This monotony can destroy a marriage and it is solely up to you to maintain the momentum of a marriage. If you do not love enough or impatient with how things work out, your marriage will slowly start unraveling.

3. The things that you found enticing and alluring about your spouse will eventually irritate you or bore you

You may have fallen for your spouse for their honesty and outspoken nature, but when it comes to a marriage there needs to be a little diplomacy and tack. The very honesty that you liked in your spouse may irritate you when you start hearing comments about your weight or about your lifestyle.

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