Why Do Dogs Cry

Why Do Dogs Cry

Do you have a pet dog? Have you experienced weird and unusual whining or howling? Do you know that dogs do cry? Listed are some reasons that state why do dogs cry? Read on to know about some explanations for yourself.

1. Due to allergies

Don’t be surprised, yes dogs also face the problem of allergies. And it is because of allergies they have tears in their eyes. They can be prone to any type of allergy like dust or pollen. It might be due to pollution, that they may experience the problem of tears. So, they may not cry literally, there is a reason for it.

2. Tear ducts

This happens many times. There can be a blockage in the tear duct. And, because of the blockage, the tears may drain out of eyes. It is possible that it may appear as crying. If you have a doubt regarding this, then contact the vet. Once the problem is over, everything will be fine as before, you should be careful about this.

3. Eye infection

If there is an eye infection or scratch near the eyes, it can cause the problem of tears. Tears can also be caused because of dirt around the eyes. If you notice the dog scratching the eyes, then this may be the reason. An eye infection should always be treated at the right time, or else it can also harm the eyes.

4. Separation anxiety

Do you know that dogs suffer from separation anxiety problem? So, if you leave the dog and go out for a long trip, then this may cause tears in their eyes. They have that sense that you are about to leave somewhere. They can also cry if you are going for a long vacation leaving them behind, so this is their sign of conveying their feelings.

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