7 Tips to Make Your Career Switch Easy

7 Tips to Make Your Career Switch Easy

Do you often feel like you are a basket ball player stuck in a pair of ballerina shoes? Well, not to be too literal about it, do you feel like you are in the wrong job toiling away for hours while your dream job remains just that – a dream? It takes time and maturity to understand one’s call. But when you do, you are faced with many ifs and buts. Am I good enough for that post? Will it pay my bills? Questions as these seem a regular concern. And they are the right questions when you are making a career move. Because, a career move is often a life changing experience. Here are seven tips to make your career switch easy.

1. Understand what you want from your dream job

Sit down with a pen and paper and jot down what you want from your new job. Is it a bigger pay check you desire or you want to use a skill set your present job has no place for? Why do you want to quit this present job? Is this usual boredom or is there some deeper dissatisfaction? If it’s the first one, you just need to change the company not the job type. If it’s the latter, it’s time you consider a career switch. Either way, it’s important to understand what you want and why.

2. Assess your skills

Understand what you are good at. Is your PR skill a plus? Are you a good photographer or a creative writer? Or are you good at caring for babies? Depending on your skills, the career switch maybe decided. However, if you don’t have a certain skill, don’t worry. New skills can be learnt. Go to a night school if needed while in your present job. Interning, volunteering or freelancing can also be effective ways to taste the waters.

3. Plan ahead

Plan how long will it take for you to kick start the new job/business. Will it signify a cut in your earning? Are you ready to lower your standard of living for a while? Do you have enough savings to sustain yourself and maybe, your family in the meanwhile? Think about these and plan accordingly. You might need to fund-raise.

4. Talk to the established professionals

It always pays to have it from the horse’s mouth; let the professionals in your desired field speak about the job. Email, ask questions, discuss with people who are noted professionals in the field you want to go. They can not only give you valuable insight but also, may end up acting as mentors if they like your idea.

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