3 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety

3 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety

For a normal productive life, one needs to be healthy, both mentally and physically. Yet the existence of anxiety often makes such living a difficult task. Many a times in our lives, we are so engrossed with our problems that we fail to realize when the magnitude of these problems becomes so huge that we are unable to handle them and reduce anxiety. In those times, we become anxiety prone, making our life a hell lot difficult to live in and reducing anxiety seems unthinkable.

Anxiety itself either stems from fear, or from the want of something which we are unable to get or even from pressure that exists from both within and outside us. In life, we might fear something happening to us or we might just love someone whom we are unable to get or our parents might want us to be something in life which we do not want to be. All these factors contribute to anxiety. The causes of anxiety are thus many but the result the same – lesser productivity, depressed life and a diminishing will to continue in life. Yet, simple ways can ensure that you are able to reduce anxiety. Check out some of them.

1. Do push ups

Push ups are a perfect way to divert the mind from your mental anxiety as well as ensure that ample amount of blood flows throughout your body to make you livelier than ever! Doing push ups not only makes you physically stronger but enables you to think more clearly due to the increased circulation of blood in your brain. Also, once you start doing push ups, you will feel and think less about your problems and thus reduce anxiety.

2. Take deep breaths

When you feel that you are facing too much anxiety and are unable to cope with it, take some deep breaths. Think out some rational plan and course of action that you could take and keep your cool. Take deep breaths, and sit silently for a few minutes, listening to every minute thing around you, diverting your attention from what troubles you. Keep breathing till you feel calmer than before.

3. Go cycling

Yes, this may sound stupid but actually it works wonders!!! Not only is cycling a form of exercise but you tend to fall into a rhythm with this rhythmic exercise! As you cycle around places like parks, you seem to connect with nature and find yourself more at peace. The regular pattern that is inherent in cycling actually enables and helps you make your life follow a regular pattern too!

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